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Dear Parents,

We would like to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation for all your help and support in this year’s Walkathon Fundraising Campaign. The event was such a great and joyful celebration of your generosity and the strength and “one to oneness” of our community! We have raised over $64,000 for our 1:1 goal, and donations are still coming in! We did not (yet) meet our $75,000 goal, but we have raised enough money to buy the actual individual Chromebook devices that we need for each 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade student for next year! In addition, we have 3 mobile carts of 90 laptops that we now can strictly dedicate to 3rd grade, with enough laptops for all 3 rd grade students to use a device at any time during the day. We have 3 mobile carts of 90 Classmate netbooks that we now can strictly dedicate to 2nd grade, with devices for all 2nd grade students to use a device at any time during the day. And we have 3 mobile carts of 90 IPad that we now can dedicate to Kindergarten and 1st Grade, which can be shared among these 6 classes at all times during the day! This is truly amazing!

As I have shared several times, teachers have been working especially hard this year in developing professionally in learning and applying use of these technologies, and students have been working diligently to learn and understand from the teachers the proper care and use of technology as a great tool and catalyst individually and collaboratively in all their classroom subjects. Thank you again so much!!

Not only was it awesome to see the walkathon fund grow bit by bit, it was awesome to see the children grow and blossom bit by bit this whole year!  THEY are truly amazing!  I wish everyone a beautiful summer of continuing growth, and everyone in all their journeys will be in my prayers, as I come to the end of another year of deep gratitude for the honor of serving St. Gabriel School and your families. 


Peace and blessings, hope and courage in Christ,
Mrs. Saladino, Principal



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